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CUL Dental Vision Hearing Plan #1 PPO Dental/Vision/Hearing Combo Plan Ameritas  Life Dental   For Emergencies 
Manhattan Life's Dental Vision HearingManhattan Life's Dental Vision Hearing Plan

Manhattan Life's D/V/H Plan

Ameritas Dental Vision Plan
Ameritas Dental (+Vision) Plans
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"Comprehensive" PPO Dental/Vision/Hearing combination plan grows progressively stronger as you go!  It ends up paying 80% on all services starting off @ 60% day one. 

Choose between two levels  of coverage: $1,000 or $1,500.  It covers all areas, paying 70% on Major Dental Services after a 1 Year waiting period!

**Dental, Vision, and Hearing won't be a problem if you enroll and keep this plan     Other Dental plans
Outline of Benefits

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PPO Dental plan works best for those who need Major Dental Services right away with No Waiting Period.... Vision can be added. 

** If possible to wait,
Plan #1 (Manhattan Life) covers Major Dental Services @ 70% (not just "up to 50%") after 1 year...and then 80% after 2 years!
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Stand-Alone PPO Dental and/or Vision Plans

PPO Dental Plans including "Preventative Services" Dental plans (i.e. Cleanings covered @ 100% day one) and other "Comprehensive" Dental Plans.  List of Vision Only Plans.

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